Yoga Art Photo

Yoga Photo Shoots

Focus on:

  • Black Friday
  • Christmas
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Yoga Festivals in London and UK (Om Show, different types of yoga’s)
  • Yoga Retreats, Word wide

Costumers (personal and B to B):

  1. Yoga teacher trainings include Yoga Photo Shoots
  2. Yoga Instructors needed for their own website, Instagram social media
  3. Yoga Studios for their advertisement
  4. Yoga Studios for their costumers
  5. Yoga magazines
  6. For Brands: Yoga Clothes, Yogi Food – Drink, Yoga Equipment

/Later: videos as well/

Online advertisements

  1. Online ordering as a gift voucher personally – make an appointment in the future  deadline: 30-06-2019
  2. Online Booking for a special day – Organised Yoga Photo Shooting Days (30-40 min/person, 6-8-10 people a day)
  3. 1 and 2 send  to
    1. Yoga Studios – Newsletter
    2. Yoga Magazines
    3. Yoga Associations
    4. Yoga Teacher Trainings
    5. Facebook Yoga Groups


PARTY Portrait Photo Shoot

For girl-friends

/ Groups from 4 to 10 girls/

Before you go out, let’s have fun with a professional team, who create amazing photos is a perfect photo studio nearby your party zone!

Professional photographer and make-up!

Individual and group photos on your birthday party!